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Protecting and disinfecting; Schools, Nurseries, Universities, Offices, Libraries, Airlines, Care homes, GP Surgeries, Hospitals, Dentists, Veterinary Surgeries, Prison Service, Defence, Emergency Services, Retail, Restaurants, Leisure Centres and Public Transport, against deadly viruses and harmful bacteria.

Disinfect Protect

Disinfect & Protect Ltd is one of a limited number of UK distributors of the Bacoban® disinfectant range, which is the latest technology in the control of infection transmission between people.
Bacoban® is a highly effective anti-microbial surface disinfectant that continuously gives active protection for 10 days after application, which 95% of alternative products cannot. The products are food safe, child safe and medically certified.
Added benefits of Bacoban® long lasting coverage include reduced cleaning time of up to 50%. The unique nano scale layer holds anti pathogen agents which are slowly released allowing active infection control for an extended period.
The Bacoban® range is suitable for almost all surfaces. This includes; ceramics, textiles, plastics, metals and others.
Furthermore, Bacoban® is one of the most unique and comprehensive infection control tools available.
Bacoban® has been tested under GLP conditions according to DIN EN ISO10993-1.
Manufactured in Germany. Bacoban® complies with the European Directive 93/42/EC and DIN 13485 – 2003MPG. Bacoban® is also biocompatible.

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Medical Grade

Bacoban® is a VAH-listed, and CE certified, class 2A medical device.

10 Day Protection

A semi-permanent nano scale layer of SiO2, using anti-pathogen agents to offer long-term protection.

Used on Almost All Surfaces

Ceramics, textiles, plastics, metals and others.

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