Long-Term Disinfectant To Protect Your Surfaces Against Deadly Viruses and Harmful Bacteria

*Bacoban®, As Used By the Major Airline Etihad

Medical Grade Disinfectant and Protection

Disinfect and Protect Your Space

Bacoban® Protects The Following Institutions


School children often become carriers of viruses. Therefore, reduce contamination in breakout areas, canteens and classrooms.


Younger children can be vulnerable to dangerous viruses. So, protect their playing areas and toys.


Universities are usually high capacity and can be at greater risk of cross-contamination.


As libraries are open to the public, surfaces can become a hotbed of infection and bacteria.


Reduce sick days and ensure a healthy workforce, by minimising the spread of viruses and bacteria.


Certified to AMS 1451B & 1452B standard for use in aircrafts.

Public Transport

Identified as one of the highest risk areas for cross contamination.


Certified as a Class 2A Medical Device, our range is designed for hospital use.

Emergency Services

Ensuring that our emergency services are fighting fit, by reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Care Homes

Protecting the elderly, who are often the most vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

Leisure Centres

Perfect for swimming pools, spa resorts, Theme parks and many more.

GP Surgeries

The risk of virus and bacteria spread is high at GP surgeries, due to ill patients.

Dentist Surgeries

Being Class 2A Medical Device certified, these products are also ideal for Dentist surgeries.

Hotels and Tourism

Reducing risk for hotels, cruise liners and many more.

Military Defence

Ensuring Military keep functioning, by reducing risk of cross-contamination.


Designed for businesses such as shoe stores, supermarkets and many others.


Helping to protect veterinary practices, livestock farming and pet owners.


Protecting counter-tops, bars, restaurants, atm machines, touch-screens and much more.